New Custom Field

Use the STAGIL Hide Comment field to hide the native comment field in Jira edit and workflow transition screens.

Easy Use of the Hide Comment Field

You can add the STAGIL Hide Comment custom field to you issue screens the same way you do it with any other custom field.

Clean UI Without Comment Field

The default Jira comment field will be hidden from the screens which include the STAGIL Hide Comment custom field.

More details

Have you ever used the comment field in the issue edit screens?

Have you ever wished to get rid of it, especially on screens with many custom fields and several tabs?

Get control over Jira's default comment field and clean up screens to increase the usability for your users!

Use STAGIL Hide Comment for Jira to hide the comment field on the Jira edit and transition screens. The STAGIL Hide Comment custom field is not visible for the end users and works for Jira Service Desk, too.

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