Macro to Display Incoming Links

Use the STAGIL Incoming Links macro in Confluence pages to display incoming links.

Filter by label

Preview all incoming links. #comingsoon: configure display styles and filter links by labels and other criteria.

Informative page header

Once you have saved a Confluence page with the macro the incoming links will be display at the position of the macro.

More details

Use STAGIL Incoming Links for Confluence to list all incoming links to a page on that same page, including:

  • Space settings
  • Label search
  • Sort feature
  • Link prefixes
  • HTML tags

🚀 Hot features:

  • Display incoming links with our configurable macro or directly in the page header.
  • Display incoming links from selected pages.
  • Show incoming links on the top of each page.
  • Filter pages by space or label.

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