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The IT industry is undoubtedly one of the largest growth markets in Germany. Where there is digitization, there are also those like us who support companies in their growth! In doing so, we work internally with Atlassian tools ourselves and our experienced consultants have excellent knowledge of all Atlassian systems. They are certified in the use of the products and work to high quality standards. Our experience has shown us that there are hardly any processes that cannot be mapped with Atlassian tools. Atlassian products like Jira and Confluence help your team to manage projects! We would be happy to advise you on developing individual implementation strategies and show you a path to better project management. That way, together we achieve the optimal benefit from your tools!


Your point of contact in Germany:

Janine Sauer

Atlassian Consultant

Janine Sauer
Jira, Confluence, Intranet und LMS

We were looking for a future-proof solution - with STAGIL we found it in the Atlassian products

Markus Gehrmann
- Fyber COO

It's a good tool to help our users to find their project's. It's easy to configure it.

Stefan Riek
- Projektmanager

During a complex migration to Jira and Confluence Data Center, STAGIL supported us on all points.

Julian Binhack
- IT-Systemadministrator

This app is has had a big impact on our issue handling, which is very complex in our case.

Sebastian Gutt
- Senior Project Manager

Quite useful especially when a company has so many JIRA projects and several teams.

Elia Ghosn
- Product Owner - IT Service Management

I've been incredibly impressed with both the product and the support team at STAGIL on this app Assets - Advanced Links.

Brian Kohler
- Demand Digitization Leader

Essentially this add-on brings functionality Jira should bring out of the box.

Patric Lee Atrott
- Employee Tech Engineer

We have been working with stagil for several years and are very satisfied with the consulting and implementation of our topics.

Nina Schmidt
- Team Lead Project and Process Management

For our innovative, creative company that is passionate and passionate about its products, Stagil is a suitable partner for our Atlassian products.

Thorsten Wirkner
- Senior Digital IT Manager

Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner

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