Create custom tooltips in Jira to explain processes and fields

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Create custom tooltips in Jira to explain processes and fields


Our new app STAGIL Tooltips is here! A versatile companion guiding you through your Jira instance - making the explanation of custom fields or processes to your users way easier.


Let's picture this scenario: You have just started working in a new enterprise that uses Jira for all relevant business processes. You have never had contact with the Atlassian products and getting familiar with Jira can be baffling and overwhelming. We wanted to address this common pain point and created STAGIL Tooltips for Jira to help you navigate through new processes and fields while assuring a smoother experience. Add useful tooltips to the issue create screen without extending the length of your screens. Give users additional instructions on how to fill and complete all fields on the issue screen to improve and facilitate the process of issue creation.


STAGIL Tooltips does not extend or enlarge your screen like description fields do. Instead, the "tooltips" are displayed as small question marks next to the selected fields. All information is only visible when the user hovers the mouse over the question mark button - maximizing the benefits for new users while reducing the noise for long-time users.


Easy configuration for easy implementation

Choose the custom field you want to enrich with a tooltip, enter the information your tooltip will display, and click Save. You can edit or delete your tooltips at any time.

Easily guide your customers or employees through Jira fields and processes, and facilitate correct data entry.


Currently, our app supports the following standard Jira custom field types:

  1. Single select list
  2. Multi-select list
  3. Labels
  4. Number
  5. Text
  6. Multi-line text
  7. User picker
  8. Multi-user picker
  9. Checkbox
  10. Radio button
  11. Cascading select list


More features upcoming:

We are working on the release of the Data Center version of STAGIL Tooltips. In the meantime, we are improving the Server release with improved options to support media and enable tooltip "likes".

Upcoming Features are:

1. Custom icons.

2. Rich media tooltips incl. images and videos.

3. Tooltip liking.

4. Tracking of tooltip likes.

We believe that STAGIL Tooltips can be of great use for you and any company. At STAGIL we have many years of experience in developing applications for the Atlassian Environment. If you have ideas for an app or want to cover specific use cases of your company - let us know and we will make it possible.



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