stagil-assets-new-1  STAGIL Assets

Use “Assets” App for Jira to upgrade Jira to an Enterprise Asset Tracker & Resource Planner for business, services and software teams.

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stagil-create-link-144  STAGIL Create and Link

Use “Create and Link” App for Jira to create and to link one or multiple issues in one step with help of templates.

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stagil-pass-manager  STAGIL Password Manager

Use “Password manager” App for Jira to manage your passwords. Create encrypted fields and pass phrases. Navigate easily to your passwords via Jira's menu.

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stagil_navigation  STAGIL Navigation

Use “Navigation” App for Jira to manage and to enhance the navigation and appearance.

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stagil-projects  STAGIL Project Creator

Use “Project Creator” App for Jira to make project creation simple. Create Jira projects, epic issue structures, Tempo accounts and Confluence spaces in a single action.

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stagil_hide_comment  STAGIL Hide Comment

Use “Hide Comment” App for Jira to hide comment field on Jira screens. It’s not visible for the end user.

Stagil Hide Comment works for Jira Service Management too.

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stagil-tables  STAGIL Tables

Use “Tables” App for Jira to manage multiple data sets in one Jira custom field.

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stagil_reports (1)  STAGIL Reports

Use „Reports“ App for Jira for calculating progress or custom reports for Project Management and Business Teams.

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stagil-database-sync-1  STAGIL Database Sync

Use “Database Synchronizer” App for Jira to bring data from any SQL database to your Jira. For example, you can synchronize data from ERP, Project, Asset, Inventory, CMDB or Financial Systems.

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jira-issue  STAGIL Issue Creator

Use “Issue Creator” App for Jira to define global presets und user favorites for project and issue type. Create issues based on global and user presets.

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eazy  EAZYBI Reports and
  charts for Jira

Create easy to use custom Jira reports, charts and dashboard gadgets.

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stagil-new  Your App
  for JIRA

You have unique requirements for Jira and cannot find a suitable app? No problem. We can develop a custom app for you!

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development team