How to Invent the Future

Businesses are terrible at innovating. Sure, recruiters promise innovative jobs, companies claim to sell innovative merchandise, and shareholders rave about innovation. But most of these promises are hollow.

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Beyond the basics of scaling agile

As agile adoption has increased over the last decade, many organizations have grown with agile and are scaling agile methodologies to help them plan, deliver, and track progress across their teams.

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Guide to multi-instance scale in Atlassian Cloud

Adoption of Jira or Confluence often starts at the team level. But as organizations look to scale these products across the company, natural barriers such as geography, security and preference for specific workflows, Marketplace apps arise.

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Data Residency and Atlassian Cloud Plans

Data residency is available for Cloud Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans for Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management at no additional cost.

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Level up with Jira Service Management Cloud

From service requests to change management, teams turn to Jira Service Management for all things ITSM. And with the additional features in Cloud - like end-to-end incident management and powerful no-code automation - you can deliver more value faster than ever before. So, what exactly is new and better in Cloud?

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Level up with Jira Software Cloud

There are many reasons why 95% of new Atlassian customers choose Cloud—from the easy scalability that saves money to the real-time upgrades that keep your systems secure and on the cutting edge.

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The Atlassian approach to ESM

Enterprise Service Management – often referred to as ESM – is the extension of IT Service Management (ITSM) practices to service teams across an organization.

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Why organizations are embracing multiple authentication policies

For the 94 percent of organizations today that use the cloud, the ability to set and forget company-wide authentication policies can be a reassuring defense against data theft. And they’re right to feel secure: according to Google, simply implementing two-factor authentication can protect individuals against 96 percent of bulk phishing attacks.

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Ease four scaling challenges with Atlassian Cloud Enterprise!

Ask the leader of any scaling company, and they’ll tell you “everything breaks” at a certain headcount.

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Becoming an Atlassian cloud admin

You became an admin because you wanted to help people work efficiently – and maybe because you enjoy solving complex problems – but keeping teams productive is no easy feat.

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Scaled Agile Frameworks in a Nutshell

Agile is an umbrella term for a set of iterative product development frameworks. With these methods, product development evolves through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customers and end users. It encourages adaptive planning, exploratory development, fast delivery, and continuous improvement. Rapid and flexible response to change is at the heart of the system.

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Atlasssian Cloud Enterprise: Why it’s crucial for team’s success

Atlassian designed for a cloud-first future a decade ago, with the goal of helping teams and businesses deliver at the pace the market demands. The advantages of cloud are clear: SaaS products are more reliable, reduce the risk of downtime, reduce management costs, and free up the time spent on maintenance to provide better experiences for end-users.

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3 ways knowledge sharing can empower agency staff to streamline

Open up your agency culture to ensure mission success

The first day at a new organization, on a new functional team, or project can be a whirlwind of details.

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Remote government teams need agility for successful collaboration

Most government agencies agree that remote work is here to stay. While some workers may return part-time to the office once the pandemic threat has passed, it’s unlikely that everyone will return to a 9 to 5, Monday-through-Friday, office-driven schedule. And, the pivot was smoother than predicted, thanks to agile technology solutions that made it easier to engage in a flexible way.

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The digitization of work just accelerated in these 4 areas

2020 didn’t change the future of work, it just hit the gas pedal.

The pandemic forced many companies to go remote at a moment’s notice. It accelerated adoption of tools that support online work, like Zoom and Slack (both of which have seen record growth this year). It pushed companies toward the cloud, where they could easily support remote and distributed teams and scale up or down quickly. And it illuminated how vital it is to have good digital workflows, no matter what type of business you run.

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OKRs: goal setting that focuses on outcomes

What is an OKR?

An OKR is a popular management strategy that defines objectives and tracks results. It helps create alignment and engagement around measurable goals.

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How we’re making remote IT work

By putting an emphasis on smart policies and clear communication, we’ve successfully enabled our entire workforce to maintain their productivity. Read on to learn how your company can too.

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Overcome dependencies, align teams, and deliver predictably

Program leaders CAN triumph over these common challenges – and look like superheroes in the process.

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Cloud and Data Center deployment for the Canadian government

Government agencies using Atlassian applications have discovered more ways to leverage the flexibility and functionality of Atlassian workflows.

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Key steps toward an adaptive, efficient, and effective government

Unify your transformative teams and extend agile workflows agency-wide

As resources tighten, the requirements for legislative and performance reporting have increased. This shift has taken place in a dynamic environment that includes pandemics and emerging national and global threats. As a result, agencies must improve adaptability, flexibility, and scalability across their departments to meet their mission requirements.

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The future of government program management

Jira Align delivers clarity, accountability, and predictability across multi-year, multi-stakeholder programs to ensure mission success

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Level up with Confluence Cloud

Confluence is all about collaboration, knowledge sharing, and connection across all teams. Since cloud is built to extend that collaboration to anyone you choose - inside or outside your company - it’s no surprise that 95% of Atlassian customers choose to start on cloud. So, what’s new and better in Confluence Cloud?

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Cloud Enterprise

Atlassian introduces new measures for its Cloud products to bolster its commitment to maintaining data security and integrity for financial services.

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Atlassian cloud achieves enterprise-grade security and compliance

Atlassian is fully committed to helping 190,000+ customers enjoy all of the benefits of scaling in the cloud while meeting the highest bar for security and data privacy.

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Easily migrate from Bitbucket Server or Data Center to Cloud

Successfully migrate from Bitbucket Server or Data Center to Bitbucket Cloud, using Atlassian’s free tool:
Bitbucket Cloud Migration Assistant

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3 reasons why companies choose Atlassian’s Cloud platform

Atlassian’s Cloud products are built upon the Cloud platform, which delivers out-of-the-box value that drives ROI, innovation, and time to value.

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The benefits of moving to remote working are far more diverse than the current response to a global pandemic.

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DevOps with Atlassian:

At Atlassian, the key to faster, higher quality releases is a strong relationship between our dev and ops teams, and the right tools and processes in place to support them.

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DevOps with Atlassian: A guide to cloud features

How developers can ship quality code faster with Atlassian solutions: Atlassian’s new features, automations and integrations for DevOps help developers take back their time and ship code faster.

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Level up with Bitbucket Cloud

Bitbucket is where teams come together to plan, code, test, and deploy at scale.
74% of organizations say Cloud gives them a competitive advantage, and the
innovation, ROI, and speed gains in tools like Bitbucket Cloud are what’s making the
difference. Here’s why:

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