Design top navigation menus

Organize and elevate your instance with custom menus: sub-panels, JQL queries, web links or project lists.

Custom header and footer

Style your instance with colour, font and image customization for the header and footer.

Configurable project sidebar and issue navigation

Give your team the fastest access to the data they need by controlling project navigation content or tailoring issue navigation elements.

More details

Take your Jira’s top navigation bar and the overall Jira appearance to the next level with the STAGIL Navigation app:

  • Configure the whole top navigation bar according to your users’ needs.
  • Hide standard Jira system and other app menus.
  • Create new custom menus with links to internal Jira issues, Confluence pages or other external web links. Use separators to improve the menus visually and create dynamic project lists. The app also gives you a deeper menu hierarchy.
  • Create a different appearance for each of your user groups.
  • If you have to stick to your corporate identity guidelines or just want to improve the appearance of Jira by adding a custom image on top of the navigation bar, STAGIL Navigation gives you many options to do so.
  • You also have the ability to adjust the Jira footer to your needs. Remove the standard footer and add helpful links for your Jira users, add an image and more.
  • Manage each panel on the Jira issue view screens. Have the available panels collapsed or expanded automatically or completely remove them from the issue screens. Choose a panel setting for each project, issue type and user group.
  • With our app, you can even adjust the project side navigation bar. Add unnecessary items for certain user groups, like releases or test management, and add your own useful links.

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News and Updates: 


New Features and Improvements – STAGIL Navigation for Jira 2.0.51

STAGIL Navigation for Jira: Enhanced Issue Transitions and Improved Security At STAGIL, we're always looking for ways to improve the Jira experience for our users. That's why we're thrilled to announce STAGIL Navigation for Jira version 2.0.51.

New Features and Improvements – STAGIL Navigation for Jira 2.0.53

STAGIL Navigation for Jira 2.0.53: Improving Jira User Experience We at STAGIL are committed to providing our users with the latest features and enhancements to help them maximize their productivity. With the release of STAGIL Navigation for Jira version 2.0.53, we are pleased to announce several ...

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