Create and Link new Issues in one Step

Create epics, issues and subtasks from templates

Browse and search templates to create and update epics, issues and subtasks from template or create entire issue structures.

Create and link to expand your workflow

Create buttons to create linked issues from template or automatically create and link from Jira workflow i.e. to create problems from incidents or changes from service requests.

Share, schedule and manage templates

Share templates with your colleagues or schedule them for automatic reoccurring issue creation.

More details

With STAGIL Create and Link you can easily create single or multiple new issues from define create and link buttons. When you often have to create new issues that relate to other issues, this app will make your daily work easier with these powerful features:

  • Configure the Create and Link button easily per project and issue type, depending on your individual use case.
  • The new button integrates nicely in the "More"-menu on the issue view screens.
  • The app makes the creation of single or multiple new issues even faster and easier with options to pre-fill the issue fields or inherit fields from the original issue.
  • After the creation of the issues an overview of these new issues is shown.
  • The new issues are automatically linked to the original issue using the link type that you chose.
  • You can use the standard link types of Jira and even use the relations of the asset and relationship management app STAGIL Assets.

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