Manage your Company Lunch Orders in Confluence

Happy Employees

Want to organize your lunch orders? STAGIL lunch orders makes that really easy. Just import your menus and let them choose what they want. 

Lunch orders

Getting tired of chat groups and constantly changing orders? Just show them the options and let them select themselves. It's that simple!

Manage with ease

Set permissions and manage different types of meals with additional services, Inform caterer about your team's choice per mail and import the data to your financial system and export your order totals and sums per employee. 

More details

STAGIL Lunch Order features:

  • Set permissions and schedulers for your Service Team,
  • Manage different types of Meals and additional services,
  • Inform your Caterer about the lunch orders via email,
  • Let Employees and Guests order lunches via Confluence,
  • Close, change, and swap lunch orders,
  • Import your Employee data from your Finance system,
  • Export your order totals per Employee,
  • and more to come...!

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