Atlassian just released the Beta version of Team Central for Jira Cloud. This new product is meant to improve status reporting and become a single..

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Team Central Beta is here - The new face of status reporting

Atlassian just released the Beta version of Team Central for Jira Cloud. This new product is meant to improve status reporting and become a single source of truth and social hub for teams.

The idea behind Team Central is to reduce manual reporting, get rid of repetitive project updates, and avoid the need for external tools while maintaining and tracking real-time progress, keeping teams up to date, and having stakeholders informed automatically. Additionally, Team Central wants to replace outdated status spreadsheets with a user friendly easy-to-read feed. Kind of like a social media platform for status reporting.

With Atlassian's Team Central, teams can finally break down the silo mentality and have access to real-time progress, updates, potential problems, and priorities.



Atlassian's Team Central

Main Features:


Share updates with your team and power them up with easy-to-add images and videos. Things are kept short and accurate with character limits for brief, uncomplicated status updates.


This new feature allows you to choose which projects to follow with one simple click - receiving only the information you need while curating your feed based on your needs.


Team Central constantly reminds project owners to share end-of-week reflections and deliver updates to follower inboxes every Monday to keep everyone on the same page.


Organize your work with labels to avoid repetitive work, create and follow hashtags to visualize updates from any perspective: department, quarter, company initiative - the options are endless.

"Taking the static out of status reporting" - Team Central wants to become a single source of truth for any projects giving followers the context they require in an easily digestible format.


Other features: 

  • Project history - Keep a project overview, see what changes you made.
  • Target dates - Set realistic dates for your projects.
  • Teams - See who is working on each project, anytime.
  • Goals - Set and highlight the outcome of each project.
  • Linked projects - Make managing dependencies a priority for every project owner.
  • Automated reminders - Prompt project owners to share changes and notify stakeholders to react with just one click.
  • Embed media - Catch your followers' attention with video updates, presentations, and easy media uploads.
  • Org-wide format - Align your team's frequent, basic project questions.


BETA version of Team Central



You can give the BETA version of Team Central a try and submit your feedback to Atlassian to help guide the future of this product. For more in-depth information on Team Central, contact our team at STAGIL. We have ample experience assisting clients and helping them choose the best product to fit their company. 

If you don't want to miss our updates, follow us on Twitter @STAGIL_TEAM or LinkedIn STAGIL. 

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