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New apps and app features developed in 2020



In the following weeks we want to take some time and reflect on this year's progress and development of our apps. In our everyday business, the incredibly important work of development teams is often overlooked. Mostly, we address their work only in case something is not working and we desperately need a hotfix. But besides constantly putting out fires, developers enable constant progress and improvement by implementing user requirements. They are the engineers that make our ideas work in reality. Let's have a look at some highlights that our development team implemented for STAGIL Assets - Advanced Links this year:

Highlight feature #1:Export/import configuration 

Since customer platforms are growing, almost all of them split their instances into a productive and staging environment to test all changes and configurations in a safe environment first. The problem: all app configurations for STAGIL Assets had to be manually implemented in the staging system and then a second time in the productive system. This is not only time-consuming but also increases potential mistakes. But with the new import/export feature this problem no longer exists! Configurations can be exported with a single click from system A and then imported to system B, which is a tremendous time saver!



Highlight feature #2:Directional graphs

Our app always featured many different graph types. All of them had their own purpose (if you want to get an overview, check them out here). Now we added support for directional graphs as well, that complements hierarchy and network graphs. The purpose of this graph type is to not only show information about the connection between two issues, but also its direction. 


Directional graphs

Highlight feature #3: Progress bar

This nice little gimmick visualizes the progress of all linked issues that are located in one issue panel together. 



 Progress bar


At STAGIL we have many years of experience in developing applications for the Atlassian environment. If you have ideas for an app or want to cover specific use cases of your company - contact us and we will make it possible.

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