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You didn't have the chance to attend Team '21? Don't worry! Atlassian has launched never-before-seen talks and top sessions from their annual conference, Team '21 - all for free.

This year, due to the current situation, the Atlassian Summit usually held in Las Vegas couldn't take place on-site. Atlassian, therefore, introduced a new digital event bringing the Atlassian Summit straight to your computer: Team '21.

Team '21 - hosted by Atlassian's work futurist Dominic Price - revealed multiple new product announcements and updates from Atlassian to help unite the work across all parts of an enterprise and help teams unleash their full potential.

Now you have the chance to delve deeper and inform yourself about the latest topics of the Atlassian ecosystem with the biggest and most information-packed event of the year.  

Atlassian is offering four curated tracks or mini-series through a webinar-based event. The latest technology and teamwork trends will be shared, innovative ways to work will be presented by industry experts, as well as the ways top companies are using Atlassian tools to drive change.

Mini-series themes:

Work Management for Business Teams

Learn how every team can prioritize and manage work to increase their productivity, collaboration, and outcomes while staying aligned to reach common goals. 

Take a look at the upcoming sessions here.

Practices for the Modern Workplace

Discover how Atlassian's customers evolved the way they work, calculated success indicators, and developed tools to proliferate change.

Take a look at the upcoming sessions here.

Atlassian Platform for Enterprise

Choose the software that best fits the use cases of your company while considering the size and needs of your team. Learn how to streamline automation and scale any transformation.

Take a look at the upcoming sessions here.

Modern Dev & IT

Discover Atlassian solutions that bring development and IT closer to quickly transform ideas into values that deliver always-on services with confidence.

Take a look at the upcoming sessions here.

This webinar series is completely free. Just register on the official Atlassian page and choose your webinars. The series is available for streaming from May through September this year, with additional sessions launching continuously.

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