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New Apps Released in 2020


In the past weeks we took some time to reflect on last year's progress and the development of our apps. In our everyday business, the incredibly important work of development teams is often overlooked.

Mostly, we address their work only in case something is not working and we desperately need a hotfix. But besides constantly putting out fires, developers enable constant progress and improvement by implementing user requirements. They are the engineers that make our ideas work in reality.

The last year has been quite a ride and not many things went as expected. This is why we are even more proud of our development team, because they did not only constantly improve already existing apps but also created 5 Jira/Confluence Cloud versions and 1 new app for Jira Server. The #cloudjourney is a challenge on all levels and this of course includes the app development.

Due to a completely different infrastructure in Jira Cloud, we had to find creative solutions (and work hard) to bring key features into the cloud. Not everything worked as expected but the direction is clear, and 6 new released apps speak for themselves. So again, a big thumbs up to all our developers and testers, you did a great job! Lets rock 2021 together!

Let's have a look at the new apps and upgrades we released in 2020:

STAGIL Tooltips for Jira (Server) 

Provide useful tooltips on Jira create screens that do not extent the size of your screens.

STAGIL Assets for Jira Cloud

Our most popular app is now available for Cloud. Transform your Jira into an asset management tool or develop advanced project management structures.

STAGIL Create and Link for Jira Cloud

Create and link multiple prefilled issues with a single click. Define personalized issue create buttons and issue templates for every purpose. 

STAGIL Navigation for Jira Cloud

Enhance the navigational experience for your users and add custom menu entries to the top navigation.

STAGIL Tables for Jira Cloud

Manage multiple data sets in one Jira table custom field and avoid attaching tabular data files to your issues or creating numerous sub-tasks with little information. 

STAGIL Incoming Links for Confluence Cloud

Display all incoming links to a Confluence page by using the incoming-links macro. 


At STAGIL, we have many years of experience in developing applications for the Atlassian environment. If you have ideas for an app or want to cover specific use cases of your company - let us know and we will make it possible.

If you don't want to miss our updates, follow us on Twitter @STAGIL_TEAM or LinkedIn STAGIL. 

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