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As agile adoption has increased over the last decade, many organizations have grown with agile and are scaling agile methodologies to help them plan, deliver, and track progress across their teams.

Others are looking to agile as a set of practices and principles that can help them transform to deliver better outcomes and execute against their strategy more quickly and effectively.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of agile at scale
  • How to understand your agile maturity
  • The minimum viable principles for scaling agile
  • The changes required of your people to engage in an agile transformation
  • Best practices for scaling agility and tips to get started
  • How Atlassian tools and working with an Atlassian Solution Partner can support agile at scale

In today’s landscape, you need to maintain a high level of innovation in order to compete and succeed in your market. Over the past two decades, software development teams have proven that practicing agile methodologies lets them deliver solutions to customers faster, with more predictability, and gives them the ability to pivot based on new information. 

Beyond the basics of scaling agile

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