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On Feb 15, 2023, Atlassian will be increasing Data Center and Server prices. Data Center will be getting an advantaged price increase and Server will be getting both an advantaged and list price increase. 

However, there is no need to worry as we want to provide you with the best options at the best possible price.

But first: What’s changing?

Data Center advantaged price plans will increase by 15%

Server price plans will increase by

  • 15 - 25% for advantaged price
  • 0.5 - 15% for list price

Reminder of next Server end of support milestone: No new Server apps will be sold or installed on Atlassian Marketplace.


Advantaged vs. List pricing:

Advantaged price plans are special price plans that are below list price. Atlassian has introduced advantaged pricing to ease tenured customers into list price, so they do not have to absorb the impact in one go. Customers on advantaged price plans have enjoyed the full set of features and investments while paying below list price, which are already competitively priced. Atlassian will continue to bring advantaged prices closer to list over the next few years.

Price increase for Data Center Products:

 Advantaged Pricing: Data Center Products


Data Center Jira Software 15%

Data Center Confluence



Price increase for Server Products:

Pricing Increase: Server Products


Advantaged price increase

Server Jira Software <500 to increase by 15%
>500 to increase by 25%
Server Confluence <500 to increase by 15%
>500 to increase by 25%

List price increase

Server Jira Software
25 - 2,000 User Tiers
0.5 - 15%
Server Confluence
25 - 2,000 User Tiers
0.67 - 15%*


Server end of support reminder: New App End of Sale Announcement

Starting Feb 15, 2023, existing Server customers will no longer be able to purchase or install new Server apps from the Atlassian Marketplace. Renewals of Server apps will continue to be permitted and will automatically be prorated to the end of support date of Feb 15, 2024 PT.


What's next?

Option 1: Migrate to the Atlassian Cloud 

The Atlassian Cloud has the highest security standards and gets all the new features first. You never need to worry about hosting, updates and operating your systems. This is why we recommend migrating into the Atlassian Cloud to many of our customers. If this is a valid option, consider making use of our cloud migration assessment.


Option 2: Renew your license before changes take effect

In some cases, you can renew your Atlassian Server or Data Center subscription early before changes to pricing go into effect. If you give us access to your current license information, we can develop a license optimization plan for you! Follow the steps on our license optimization page to grant us insights into your current licenses.



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