The right configuration for your business:


Medical Technology

In medical technology, you can map many processes with Atlassian tools. These include product development, project management and services. It is important that all regulations in your market are adhered to. We are happy to help you with the implementation. 

Mechanical engineering and production processes

We help you with the configuration so that you can use the Atlassian tools in all production processes and in mechanical engineering.

Automobile industry

In the automobile industry, there is a multitude of regulations that must be complied with by suppliers as well as OEMs. We are familiar with the subject matter and can also help you with the compliant use of Atlassian tools

We help you at every stage: 



You do not want to take over the creation of Atlassian solutions yourself?

We help to select the right products and functional modules, license models and the right operating environment.


You already use Atlassian solutions and want to take the next step?

Talk to our experienced consultants who analyze potential and agree with an optimization plan.


You would like to connect JIRA, Confluence or the development tools with other systems?

The open architecture of the Atlassian products and many existing extensions help to get more out of your applications.

We also create individual integrations and cover specific needs with our own developments .

Jira und Confluence Konfiguration


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Customize workflows

Benefit from our expertise in process and project management consulting when configuring Jira workflows. We optimize your workflows in various scenarios.

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User and rights management

We create security schemas in Jira, Confluence and other Atlassian tools so that each employee sees only what they are supposed to see.

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Input masks according to the needs of your users

We support you in configuring screen masks that are made visible to users when creating, editing or displaying processes.

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Custom fields

Custom fields allow you to collect the information you need to evaluate your projects. We will support you with the configuration.

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Notification settings

Notifications keep your employees always up to date. We advise you on the configuration of notifications.

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Process Management

Jira's standard processes are mainly geared towards software development. We develop process types specifically tailored to your requirements that can be easily implemented in your projects.

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Dashboards and filters

As part of our collaboration, we define together which information and statistics you need for your evaluations. We then implement your preferred configuration.

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Updates and upgrades

With our help, you can achieve smooth upgrades and extensions of individual Atlassian products and licenses.

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Uptime Management

Guarantee optimal performance for your Atlassian tools. Our experts are also skilled in resolving technical issues.

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Integrations and interfaces

Systems are only intelligent if they talk to other systems. We configure your interfaces and integrations. 


Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner

Solution Partners provide the services, implementation, consulting, and unique solutions that help our users create what's next.

Our experts hold the following certificates and accolades: 

Your point of contact:

Noah Zimmermann

Senior Application Administrator

Noah Zimmermann

Jira Work Management, Jira Service, Management , Jira Software

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