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STAGIL Method Training: Agile Leader

Learn in the Agile Leader Training how your vision of the future, your mindset and your leadership inspire your employees to more creative freedom and personal responsibility - and thus find innovative solutions at high speed.

You will learn when and where agile leadership can be used purposefully and discover the agile leadership philosophy for yourself. In the process, you will sharpen your understanding of your role and develop a confident approach to agile leadership tools.

Target group

Managers and role holders with management responsibility

Required prior knowledge:

The seminar requires no prior knowledge.



You can join our courses from anywhere in the world. Provided your internet connection is stable

On premise

We come to you or we organize the training at one of our locations

Video On Demand

We will provide you with the videos and associated test systems. 



Participants from different companies can take part in our publicly accessible courses. We deal with generic systems and teach you the standardized configurations.

Own group

In our courses for closed groups, we go into your own systems. We prepare the courses in such a way that we teach you how to use your in-house systems.

Course Content:


In this training you will understand the meaning of agile culture and be able to distinguish between "Do Agile" and "Be Agile". Get to know and live the agile values and principles and understand the role of the agile leader. You will also be able to understand what skills leaders need in the agile environment and learn to reflect on different leadership styles.

Along with that, they will know how to find their own drive to promote self-leadership and confidence building. They will learn the value of meaningful leadership, internalize the importance of leadership as a driver for agile processes and discover the power of feedback and error culture.

Core competencies:

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Agile leadership

Learn how to quickly adapt the company to change. Learn how to support employees at eye level to find the best solutions to challenges together.

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Agile leadership tools

Learn to adopt new ways of thinking, such as an agile mindset. Recognize how to overcome limitations in your thinking about leadership and work to integrate the ideas of agile leadership into your everyday life.

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Agile processes

Learn to implement agile processes whenever little straightforward development is expected, that is, frequent deviations and changes in projects and the like.

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Leadership Style

Learn to adopt a leadership style and apply a leader's methods to give direction, implement plans, and motivate your team.


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