Climbing the Peak: STAGIL and brainbits are joining forces with catworkx, creating the leading European and challenging USA Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner

On July 6th, 2023, STAGIL united with the two Atlassian Platinum Partners, catworkx and brainbits, under the catworkx brand. As catworkx, we are now the leading Atlassian Solution Partner in Europe, an established player in the USA, and one of the top 5 partners globally with more than 170 accredited and certified consultants. STAGIL has been fully merged into catworkx and is now operating under the new brand.

The merger allows us to:

  • offer more employees our STAGIL-style remote work environment focused on sustainable work-life balance and employee well-being,
  • increase the number of subject matter experts on the team, assign exciting new projects, hone our best-practice power, as well as offer many other benefits,
  • provide our service customers on-demand and project support with a larger team and even more expertise, 24/7 availability, more specialized solutions, and broader best practices knowledge,
  • provide our license customers with faster processing and more favorable conditions,
  • improve, expand, and better position our Atlassian Marketplace apps,
  • scale our Atlassian private cloud hosting offering and expand additional options,
  • further deepen and structure our collaboration with Atlassian and Marketplace app vendors, and comply with regulations more efficiently and effectively, and expand our certifications in various areas.

The first team meetings in our new family have shown that the cultures fit together perfectly and complement each other.

We are super happy about the new colleagues, new customers, and new joint projects!

Besides the advantages of combined forces, not much will change for our customers. The contact persons and contracts themselves will remain the same and projects will be continued with the dedication you have come to know.

As part of catworkx, the STAGIL team is now also part of the TIMETOACT GROUP and therefore a provider of integrations to other platforms from vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM, HCL, and Google. We have teams standing by with skills specific to more of your use cases and platforms!

Thanks for the joint journey, for sailing with us, for riding the waves together, for joining the flight! Let's rock some legendary Atlassian projects together!



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