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Bitbucket is where teams come together to plan, code, test, and deploy at scale.
74% of organizations say Cloud gives them a competitive advantage, and the
innovation, ROI, and speed gains in tools like Bitbucket Cloud are what’s making the
difference. Here’s why:


Deeper integrations and automation in Bitbucket Cloud keep your team moving fast and focused on their highest value work. Automation in Cloud works across your entire DevOps suite, meaning you can use PRs, deployments and more to trigger actions in Jira or third-party tools like Slack. Your team can stay working in context without the need to switch between tools or write scripts.


The bulk of Atlassian product investments are happening on Cloud, so Cloud customers get the latest and greatest from Atlassian. In Bitbucket Cloud, that innovation shows up via features like the ‘Your work’ dashboard that shows pull requests requiring attention and related Jira issues.

Time to value

Bitbucket Pipelines - only available on Cloud - puts CI/CD where it belongs, right next to your code. Create powerful, automated workflows, with language specific templates. Release more often, with more confidence, without having to worry about managing builds or plugins.

Level up with Bitbucket Cloud

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