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How developers can ship quality code faster with Atlassian solutions: Atlassian’s new features, automations and integrations for DevOps help developers take back their time and ship code faster. Teams benefit from less context switching, fewer meetings, and fewer pings from IT about security incidents. We’re helping developers focus on their code as we uniquely connect development, IT operations, and business teams with automation that spans our products and third-party tools. With Jira as the backbone and ultimate source of truth, Atlassian unifies all of DevOps work and reduces collaboration overload.

Plan and track projects right in the context of your code
The DevOps toolchain is not a one-size-fits-all approach. DevOps is a toolbox across different applications and teams, and the developer knows best when it comes to what tools to use or how many. But with that flexibility comes a critical need for coordination of the work. Atlassian’s DevOps survey found that an increasing number of DevOps teams are saying they need 5+ tools to understand project status. IT Ops and Business teams that aren’t closely working in these tools need to know what’s happening and when. That’s where Jira comes in. Jira automatically unifies work across teams and tools. Deep integrations between Jira Software Cloud and Bitbucket Cloud, GitHub and GitLab allow for issue tracking and project updates to happen right where you code, automatically. No need to go back to Jira. And your project manager won’t have to ping you for updates and interrupt your coding flow, because your project board will automatically update based on your work in Bitbucket, GitHub or GitLab.



DevOps with Atlassian: A guide to cloud features

DevOps with Atlassian

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