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The "Cloud" is omnipresent, and many Atlassian customers already benefit from the advantages of the Atlassian Cloud. The switch to Data Center or the Atlassian Cloud is becoming increasingly popular.

 Atlassian is now applying its "cloud-first company" strategy and limiting the range of self-managed offerings.

Overview of the changes:

EOL Server

Atlassian is refining its own product portfolio and pushing the cloud journey: Why is it worth switching to the Atlassian Cloud?


All data is encrypted during storage and transmission. Additional security features are: SAML, SSO, two-factor authentication, and SCIM user provisioning.


Atlassian is committing itself to the highest data protection rules and supports companies in meeting the requirements of GDPR and other laws. Accomplished standards, such as SOC2, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001/27018 are proof of this.


The Atlassian Cloud has a stable availability and scales automatically with higher loads. Uptime SLAs of up to 99.9% and 99.95% are offered in the Premium and Enterprise plans.

Simplified Administration

Outsourcing operational tasks related to application hosting and updates frees up resources for more useful tasks such as integration, automation, and live reporting.

Easy Software Updates

A new release tracks feature and sandboxes in the Premium and Enterprise plans guarantee that the releases of new Jira and Confluence features can be planned and executed in a controlled manner - ensuring that the latest functions and most secure software is always in use.

Extensions (Apps) and integrations

Cloud solutions are becoming more and more popular, making the integration of central Atlassian solutions for task and knowledge management an increasingly important requirement.


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