[STAGIL Workflows and Fields]

Introducing STAGIL Workflows and Fields version 1.0.42, the latest update for Confluence Server and Confluence Data Center users. This update comes with exciting new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience.

New Features

One of the standout new features of this update is the ability to display comments from the Page History in Jira's Comments tab. This will help users to easily track and manage feedback and communication related to a specific page.



In addition to the new features, STAGIL Workflows and Fields version 1.0.42 also comes with improvements designed to make the user experience even better. For example, we have fixed the issue where the 'View Draft' button was replaced by the 'Workflow & Fields' button on published pages. We have also resolved the issue of pages being assigned 'Published' status without a timestamp.

At STAGIL, we are committed to providing our users with high-quality products and features that are designed to make their work easier and more efficient. We hope that this latest update will help you to achieve your goals and we look forward to your feedback.