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Choosing the right alerting and incident management solution

Most organizations employ a multitude of IT alerting and incident management tools and applications such as monitoring, ticketing, configuration, change management, etc for IT management teams.

Although each of these tools may be individually capable of sending notifications via email or SMS, it is a burden for administrators to maintain and manage this information. Effective alerting and incident management tools will enable organizations the ability to consolidate these notifications into a single actionable system.

In this buyer’s guide, we will explore the questions all IT management should ask themselves when looking for an efficient and collaborative alerting and incident management solution for their dev & ops teams.

To help organize this guide, we broke it out into 7 sections: Alerts, Notifications, Mobile Apps, Integrations, On-Call Schedules and Escalations, and Pricing. Ultimately, this guide will take you through each section and help you decide which solution works best for you, your IT team, and your organization.

The Incident Management Buyer’s Guide

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