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2020 didn’t change the future of work, it just hit the gas pedal.

The pandemic forced many companies to go remote at a moment’s notice. It accelerated adoption of tools that support online work, like Zoom and Slack (both of which have seen record growth this year). It pushed companies toward the cloud, where they could easily support remote and distributed teams and scale up or down quickly. And it illuminated how vital it is to have good digital workflows, no matter what type of business you run.

For some, these changes feel seismic. But the truth is this: Those changes were already coming. Businesses were already moving to the cloud at a fast clip. Remote work was already growing year-over-year. Demand for tools that enable distributed teams was on the upswing. And we already knew that digital workflows were the way of the future.

The truth is that Covid-19 didn’t change the future of work. It just accelerated the changes that were already happening. Here are four key ways the pandemic accelerated the future we were already speeding toward.

The digitization of work just accelerated in these 4 areas

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