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Over the last few years, teams have realized the benefits of sharing and distributing knowledge in chat applications such as Microsoft Teams.

Today, teams are extending the use of these applications beyond collaboration by embracing ChatOps. ChatOps empowers teams by bringing complex day-to-day operational work into shared chat channels. If done correctly it drastically reduces context switching and increases the speed at which teams can tackle tough challenges.

Companies are realizing incredible benefits by incorporating ChatOps into their incident management workflows. Microsoft Teams channels provide hyper-effective means to alert teams of issues, take immediate action, and collaborate with clarity and urgency. It is for this reason that companies like Opsgenie, PagerDuty, and VictorOps have invested in integrating their incident management applications into MS Teams.

Ideally, users of a modern incident management solution need to have access to a multitude of features so that they can address specific challenges directly within the chat tool. During an incident, switching between applications to access and collaborate on actionable data is a waste of time. Keeping the conversation and action in one place, where team members already are, is the key to a fast and successful incident resolution process. That is why ChatOps has emerged as an alternative to the war room concept.

Six Must-Haves When Using Microsoft Teams for Incident Management

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