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There are many reasons why 95% of new Atlassian customers choose Cloud—from the easy scalability that saves money to the real-time upgrades that keep your systems secure and on the cutting edge. When you’re choosing Jira to plan, track, and release great software, deploying on Cloud means greater:

  1. ROI
    Cloud-only innovation on Jira saves teams time, which helps them refocus on higher value work. Take native automation: 92% of users agreed that Jira automation helped them “spend more time on the tasks which matter most.” 1 Plus, out-of-the-box platform capabilities across security, reliability, and compliance mean admins can focus on more strategic priorities since the basics are covered.

  2. Innovation
    Not to mention that some of Jira Software Cloud’s most innovative features are cloud-onlylike the Zoom and Figma integrations as well as personalized, predictive experiences.

  3. Time to value
    Let’s face it: time is money and Jira Software Cloud helps teams move forward faster. A better Cloud mobile app and Cloud-only native desktop apps let teams choose how they work. Tighter SaaS integrations reduce context switching and predictive search and mentions keep teams moving quickly

Level up with Jira Software Cloud

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