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From service requests to change management, teams turn to Jira Service Management for all things ITSM. And with the additional features in Cloud - like end-to-end incident management and powerful no-code automation - you can deliver more value faster than ever before. So, what exactly is new and better in Cloud?

  1. ROI
    In Cloud, Atlassian takes care of upgrades, maintenance, security, and compliance, freeing your team up to focus on high-value tasks. Plus, no-code automation on Cloud saves agents time that they can spend serving customers instead.

  2. Innovation
    Want to integrate with Figma, Dropbox, or Loom? How about exporting incident postmortems to Confluence for follow-up? Or fast-tracking highrisk changes to the right people for approvals? These are just a few of the innovations and integrations available only in Cloud.

  3. Time to value
    Jira Service Management has always been about high-velocity service management. Now, Cloud teams can move faster than ever. With full visibility across Dev and IT, Cloud teams can quickly track code deployments and commits as the potential causes of an incident, as well as monitor code effectiveness over time to prevent future incidents.

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