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Confluence is all about collaboration, knowledge sharing, and connection across all teams. Since cloud is built to extend that collaboration to anyone you choose - inside or outside your company - it’s no surprise that 95% of Atlassian customers choose to start on cloud. So, what’s new and better in Confluence Cloud?


1. ROI
On average, a move to the cloud cuts costs by 20%, according to a trend report by Microsoft. And Confluence users say that better admin controls and analytics on cloud help admins operate more efficiently and productively. Plus the security, reliability, and compliance that’s built into Atlassian cloud products - means admins can reinvest in the company’s mission, not maintenance of the Atlassian stack.


2. Innovation

From the new Confluence Cloud editor to enhanced commenting and collaboration capabilities, the Confluence team is always adding and improving features on cloud. And since cloud gets the latest updates the moment they’re available, that innovation is at your fingertips as soon as possible.


3. Time to value

New features like predictive search (powered by machine learning) and a larger template library save your teams’ time executing day-to-day tasks and help enable seamless collaboration. Mobile apps keep teams connected no matter where people are located. And better cloud integrations reduce the need for context switching.

Level up with Confluence Cloud

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