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Today's employees expect instant service and open access to internal systems. Jira Service Management's HRSM (Human Resources Service Management) solution provides a consumer-grade self-service portal that automates the delivery of HR services for competitive onboarding experiences and simplifies access to internal tools. All of this combined boosts employee productivity.


The Jira Approach to HR Service Management and Delivery (HRSM)

  • HR teams sometimes use manual processes, such as personally obtaining signatures from the finance department or seeking out the IT department to inform them of a new employee's arrival. An HRSM solution helps HR create compelling employee experiences and ensures that nothing is forgotten.

  • The service-oriented solution integrates HR with cross-functional departments such as IT, finance, payroll, and facilities management, and provides end-to-end support for processes such as new employee onboarding.

  • For HR teams looking to deploy a service desk, Jira Service Management provides preconfigured templates for HR teams that have prebuilt workflows for processes such as onboarding, offboarding, and general HR inquiries

Simplify access to services

In Jira Service Management, teams can set up a portal with a number of service areas for the different teams, providing a single service management solution for the entire organization. Instead of wasting time contacting multiple people, employees can request a new laptop with just a few clicks. The request is then automatically routed, approved and fulfilled.




Ensure consistency in HR onboarding and offboarding

Employee onboarding and offboarding requests are managed efficiently and at scale with Jira Service Management. By introducing workflow automation for these processes, more employees are served with fewer resources, enabling consistent onboarding.


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Maintain security with HR case management

Jira Service Management's HRSM solution enables HR teams to operate a confidential case management service desk. Permissions are used to control who can view, search, and comment on requests. In the same solution, users can provide a separate, publicly accessible service desk for payroll, onboarding, and more general HR services.


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Minimize repetitive tasks

Jira Service Management helps teams hide the underlying complexity. Employees are presented with a unified central portal to access help. Among other features, the solution offers sophisticated intake forms that can reduce request volume by 70% and automates data flow for all required teams.


Tracking service demand

IT teams can set up simple reporting dashboards to help the HR team track and report on their service delivery. Monthly reporting is simplified when HR managers can see at a glance the volume of incoming requests and know how many employees have been successfully onboarded and the workload of each team.





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