Atlassian has introduced Atlassian Intelligence, an AI-based virtual assistant that combines the company's models with OpenAI's language models to..

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Atlassian has introduced Atlassian Intelligence, an AI-based virtual assistant that combines the company's models with OpenAI's language models to create customized teamwork graphs. This will allow for AI-generated summaries in Confluence and test plans in Jira Software, as well as rewritten responses in Jira Service Management. These features will only be available in Atlassian's cloud-based products, not the data center versions.

Let’s take a look at how Atlassian Intelligence can unleash more of your team’s potential.

Accelerate any type of work

Atlassian Intelligence employs OpenAI's generative AI technology to create, extract and summarize content, enabling teams to expedite their work. It allows for prompt summarization of meeting minutes to identify decisions and action items in Confluence.


Define test plans for product updates in Jira Software

Get instant help and get up to speed fast

In modern service management, speed is crucial for satisfying employee and customer expectations. Atlassian Intelligence provides an always-available virtual teammate in Jira Service Management that offers immediate assistance. A new feature allows for automated support interactions within Slack and Microsoft Teams, enabling employees to get help without leaving their preferred collaboration tools. The virtual agent deflects repetitive requests and is easy to set up, requiring no coding or expensive consultants. It can resolve help requests instantly based on its understanding of knowledge base articles and ask follow-up questions if necessary.



Summarize activity on help requests to get assigned agents up to speed.

Help craft thoughtful responses to put customers at ease during stressful situations.

In addition, Atlassian Intelligence helps operations and support teams get up to speed faster by:

  • Surfacing previously resolved or related issues to empower faster incident resolution
  • Recommending relevant knowledge base articles and related pages to resolve requests and incidents faster

Learn on the fly

As companies expand, understanding project terminology and internal systems becomes challenging. Atlassian Intelligence offers a customized dictionary that provides shared context specific to the organization, teams, and projects. The tool allows users to select a term and receive its definition, source of information, and internal experts. It also shows how the term relates to other aspects of the project, based on the teamwork graph.

Answer anything

Atlassian Intelligence can understand natural language questions, helping you:

Answer questions about the company’s institutional knowledge and policies in Confluence, such as “How much can I spend on my home office setup?” and “How do I set up my development environment?”


Unlock the power of Jira Query Language (JQL) to find issues across all Jira Cloud products.


Generate insights using data from multiple sources in Atlassian Analytics, a hub to analyze and visualize data across Atlassian products and connected third-party tools, without needing to know how to write SQL.

Atlassian Intelligence can comprehend all the languages that are compatible with Atlassian Cloud offerings.


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