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Adoption of Jira or Confluence often starts at the team level. But as organizations look to scale these products across the company, natural barriers such as geography, security and preference for specific workflows, Marketplace apps arise. It becomes critical to deftly balance the need for customizable solutions to meet the needs of individual teams while ensuring organization-wide governance and cross-team collaboration.

On one hand, front-line teams need the autonomy to work within environments tailored to meet their unique workflows, Marketplace apps and security needs. On the other hand, you need to make sure it isn’t a wild west scenario with teams operating in silos, leading to duplication of effort, poor cross-team collaboration and worst-case scenario–security breaches or regulatory non-compliance.

So as you scale Jira or Confluence across your organization, you may run into challenges such as how to:

  1. Support the need for customization while ensuring org-wide governance
  2. Centralize user access management and enable granular permissions
  3. Ensure compliance with company’s security policies while customizing as needed
  4. Enable effective cross-team collaboration and alignment
  5. Scale across multiple teams without blowing your budget

Guide to multi-instance scale in Atlassian Cloud

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