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BigPicture is an extension for Jira to do project and portfolio management. The tasks of a Jira project can be viewed using a work breakdown structure (WBS/WBS). Right next to it is the Gantt chart for the project and below that is the staff workload. However, you can view more than just a single Jira project at a time. You can also view multiple projects or even the tasks from self-defined JQL filters.

The Gantt chart in Jira with BigPicture

  • With the integration of BigPicture it is possible to create programs in which one or more Jira projects or tasks from a filter are displayed in a Gantt chart.
  • This way, you always have an overview of the time course of your project, get a visual impression of which tasks are interdependent and when milestones are planned.

    Gantt Chart

Resource management & team deployment planning

  • It is possible to assign tasks via drag-and-drop and to track the workload in the team or that of each individual team member.
  • If there is no typical 9-to-5 work schedule, individual settings can be made for weekly availability.
  • All of this has a direct impact on scheduling. There is a visual indication of when which team members and teams are under- or over-utilized.
  • Adjustments to the schedule can be made directly in the Gantt chart.

Create your agile program roadmap

  • Your goals are now even easier to track! With the agile program roadmap, you can align the goals of your increments with the goals of your iterations.
    BigPicture Roadmap

Identify and manage risks in your projects

  • With BigPicture, you get a risk matrix for each of your projects that you can easily populate with the risks you've identified and then assess.
  • These operations are included in Jira, so you can track them. If the risks have changed, then again you can drag and drop the changes directly into the matrix.
  • To make it even easier for you, there is the right gadget for your dashboard.
  • If you need the information for a meeting, you can add it to your Confluence page.

BigPicture Risiken

What other interesting features are included?

  • Powerful quick filters
  • Create custom structures (WBS/PSP) according to Jira components, solution version, epic, subtasks or even task links
  • Colorize markers, baselines, tasks
  • Increase your productivity through the use of shortcuts and inline editing
  • Import/export capabilities through the app extension BigTemplate

Advantages of BigPicture summarized

  • BigPicture is a resource management tool. Teams can be managed from home, there is even an automated skill management for task distribution and the availability of employees (and skills) can be configured conveniently.
  • For project management, BigPicture offers a package of modules. These include, for example, a dependency board representation and simple risk management.
  • In addition, sandbox mode is now available.
  • Some report charts are included and automatically populated.
  • In addition, a calendar module is included.




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