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Teams running technology services today are expected to maintain 24/7 availability.When something goes wrong, whether it’s an outage or a broken feature, team members need to respond immediately and restore service. This process is called incident management, and it’s an ongoing, complex challenge for companies big and small.

We want to help teams everywhere improve their incident management. Inspired by teams like Google, we’ve created this handbook as a summary of Atlassian’s incident management process. These are the lessons we’ve learned responding to incidents for more than a decade. While it’s based on our unique situation and experiences, we hope it can be adapted to suit the needs of your own team. You’ll see throughout the book areas where we suggest some other popular options for specific practices.

Who is this guide for?

If you’re on a development or operations team that looks after services for customers who require 24/7 availability, this handbook is for you.

Atlassian’s Incident Management Handbook

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