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New apps and app features developed in 2020 - STAGIL Create and Link for Jira


In the following weeks we want to take some time and reflect on this year's progress and development of our apps. In our everyday business, the incredibly important work of development teams is often overlooked.

Mostly, we address their work only in case something is not working and we desperately need a hotfix. But besides constantly putting out fires, developers enable constant progress and improvement by implementing user requirements. They are the engineers that make our ideas work in reality.

Let's have a look at some highlights that our development team implemented for STAGIL Create and Link - Issue Templates this year:

Highlight feature #1: Schedule global and personal templates via cron expressions

Since version 3.0.28, you can schedule the creation of template-based issues by using cron expressions. This allows an automated issue creation after a defined interval: every 4 weeks, at the beginning or end of each moth, every year, or whatever interval fits your use case. 

Highlight feature #2: Define target links for new issues 

Now our app comes with an option to define target links for newly created issues. There you can choose either current issue, parent issue, or parent epic.

Define target links for new issues

Highlight feature #3: Configuration per project category, project, or issue type

Our customers usually create numerous issue templates for many different purposes. But not all templates are relevant for all users. This is why it is now possible to create templates per project category, project, or issue type to group templates meaningfully and not overload users with issue templates.

At STAGIL, we have many years of experience in developing applications for the Atlassian environment. If you have ideas for an app or want to cover specific use cases of your company - let us know and we will make it possible.


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