Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets

Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets

Mighty project tracker that autonomously turns Tempo Timesheet data into a real-time reflection of your project's financial health

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In Focus Visualization

Provides both a high-level and detailed picture of project metrics on one graph. The summary and visual indicators allow you to quickly assess project performance so you can keep moving with peace of mind.

Autonomous Feeding

Autonomously classifies expenses and collects logged time data from Tempo Timesheets to display the most accurate reflection of project progress, cost and revenue so Managers focus their effort only on valuable tasks.

Mighty Financial Tracker

Tracks budgets, milestones, labor costs, fixed recurring expenses, billable non-billable time, CAPEX vs. OPEX and revenue in real-time. Leverage that data to manage budget allocation, craft accurate & detailed estimates.


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