Statuspage takes care of the communication of your incident management!

Keep you users in the loop in each stage of the incident. From fault analysis to resolution. 

Statuspage can be integrated with common surveillance tools for direct access to every incident. 

Statuspage also integrates with communication and notification tools such as e-mail, chat and helpdesk services.



Create templates for communication in Statuspage so that you are prepared for any incident.

Status Displays

There is a status for each component or services that you are delivering. Communicate these statuses to your users for maximum transparency. 


Statuspage integrates with the most common surveillance and communication / notification tools.


Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner

Solution Partners provide the services, implementation, consulting, and unique solutions that help our users create what's next.

Your point of contact for  Statuspage:

Rudolf Druml

Atlassian Consultant

Statuspage, Incident-communication, Incident Management

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