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Atlassian cloud achieves enterprise-grade security and compliance

Atlassian is fully committed to helping 190,000+ customers enjoy all of the benefits of scaling in the cloud while meeting the highest bar for security and data privacy. Atlassian’s five-pronged approach to making Atlassian cloud products enterprise-ready from a security and compliance standpoint are:

  • Securing Atlassian cloud architecture with a ZeroTrust approach
  • End-to-end data security with advanced controls for residency and encryption
  • Continuous investment in complying with global data privacy obligations
  • Built-in controls for identity and access management
  • Proactive threat monitoring and protection
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Atlassian Cloud Enterprise

Atlassian has bolstered security and data privacy protocols to give their customers:

  • Greater transparency in how data is stored, processed and secured.
  • Access to audit and oversee capabilities to ensure they have the information to do their risk assessments.
  • Improvements to breach notification processes that abides by the latest regulations.
  • Increased commitment to the continuity of service in the event of bankruptcy or termination to ensure customers have adequate time to close out their obligations.
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Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner

Solution Partners provide the services, implementation, consulting, and unique solutions that help our users create what's next.

We were looking for a future-proof solution - with STAGIL we found it in the Atlassian products

Markus Gehrmann
- Fyber COO

It's a good tool to help our users to find their project's. It's easy to configure it.

Stefan Riek
- Projektmanager

During a complex migration to Jira and Confluence Data Center, STAGIL supported us on all points.

Julian Binhack
- IT-Systemadministrator

This app is has had a big impact on our issue handling, which is very complex in our case.

Sebastian Gutt
- Senior Project Manager

Quite useful especially when a company has so many JIRA projects and several teams.

Elia Ghosn
- Product Owner - IT Service Management

I've been incredibly impressed with both the product and the support team at STAGIL on this app Assets - Advanced Links.

Brian Kohler
- Demand Digitization Leader

Essentially this add-on brings functionality Jira should bring out of the box.

Patric Lee Atrott
- Employee Tech Engineer

We have been working with stagil for several years and are very satisfied with the consulting and implementation of our topics.

Nina Schmidt
- Team Lead Project and Process Management

For our innovative, creative company that is passionate and passionate about its products, Stagil is a suitable partner for our Atlassian products.

Thorsten Wirkner
- Senior Digital IT Manager

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