For teams that use Atlassian server products, changes are due starting 2021:



February 02, 2021 End of sales for new server licenses for Atlassian products and price increases for all server licenses.
May 01, 2021  No newly published server apps in the Atlassian Marketplace
February 02, 2022 No upgrades or downgrades available for server products
February 02, 2023 End of sales for Atlassian Marketplace apps for server products
February 02, 2024

End of support (EOL) for Atlassian server products and apps

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Data Center

For teams that are not yet ready for the Atlassian Cloud and require an on-premise solution, Atlassian will continue to offer a self-hosted enterprise solution - Data Center. In addition to new features, the focus is on usability, improved administrative functions and stronger integration capabilities.



February 02, 2021 Increased pricing for all Data Center subscriptions.

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What are my options?

Let's talk about the options and make a decision:

  • Switch to the Atlassian Cloud
  • Upgrade to Data Center
  • Extend Server


Switching to the Atlassian Cloud

The switch to the Atlassian Cloud should definitely be evaluated if it is not blocked by data protection regulations of your company. E.g. a frequently blocking issue for non-US customer is the "data residency" requirement where you need your data to be hosted in a particular region or country - this is currently only available for enterprise plans with a large number of users.

The migration is supported by Atlassian and us as your solution partner:

  • Assess - Can we already switch to the cloud with our given requirements?
  • Plan - When does the transition make sense and what are the steps?
  • Prep - What data needs to be prepared and how do we prepare the users?
  • Test - How do we test the migration before a productive data transfer?
  • Migrate - What timeframe should be estimated and which partners do we need?
  • Launch - What are the necessary considerations for a smooth transition?

You can find further information in the Atlassian migration portal. →

Upgrading to Data Center

Atlassian bundles additional features into the Data Center products:

  • Jira Software Data Center: Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio for Jira)
  • Confluence Data Center: Team Calendars for Confluence and Analytics for Confluence
  • Jira Service Desk Data Center: Insight - Asset Management and Insight Discovery

From 02.02.2021 onwards, the Priority Support, which so far has been subject to an additional charge, will also be included.

A Data Center option is planned for Bamboo; no release date has been set yet.

Server extension

If the switch to Data Center does not yet make sense for you and the Atlassian Cloud is not yet a feasible option from a functional or legal perspective, the existing server licenses can still be used and extended until 2024.

What are the deadlines?

We offer special conditions and all available options until the end of 2020.

For 2021, please note the following time frames:

  • Price adjustments for Server and Data Center products until Jan 2021
  • Further advantages for the switch to the Atlassian Cloud for large instances until Jun 2021
  • Afterward, only reduced benefits for changes and switching to the Atlassian Cloud

We are there for you:

Where can I find more information?

Atlassian Update 2021 - EOL Server - FAQ
Atlassian: CEO Blog (external link)
Atlassian: Journey to Cloud (external link)
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